[Python] install python module via command line

  1. Once you want to install a python package on Windows OS you can you the following command:
  • python -m pip install XXX // where xxx is the name of module
  • ex: python -m pip install wxPython
  • ex: python -m pip install pywin32
  • ex: python -m pip install pygame
  • ex: python -m pip install Twisted

There are a lot of useful modules you can install, check this link: https://pythontips.com/2013/07/30/20-python-libraries-you-cant-live-without/



[Cygwin] Installation

  1. Download the latest setup file here: https://cygwin.com/install.html (32 bit or 64 bit is not important)
  2. Double click into installer, follow the instructions to install the default setup
  3. Double click into the installer again, in the package selection, search wget, gnupg then select to install them.
  4. copy the apt-cyg script from : https://github.com/transcode-open/apt-cyg into the folder C:\cygwin\bin
  5. change the mode of this file to make it executable. (chmod -R 777 /bin/apt-cyg)
  6. from now on, you can install cygwin package using command “apt-cyg install package-name”

for ex: apt-cyg install gdb

for ex: apt-cyg install python

for ex: apt-cyg install gcc-g++

for ex: apt-cyg install dejagnu

[Jenkins] How to setup

There are a few ways to setup jenkins in your machine
1. Download jenkins exectable file to install it as a service in Window/Linux: https://jenkins.io/download/
After installing, run it by browse the address: localhost:8080
Note: you can install expected plugin of jenkins to your machine, then copy to other.
2. Download jenkins.war file to run it via console:
java -jar jenkins.war –httpPort=8081
After running via console, browse the address: localhost:8081
Note: you can install expected plugin of jenkins to your machine, then copy the .war file to other machine to run – But please copy the {$user}/.jenkin folder also to make sure everything work well

Eclipse: How to make “Dynamic Web Project” available in wizard?

http://download.eclipse.org/releases/kepler“(If you have Eclipse Kepler)

http://download.eclipse.org/releases/luna“(If you have Eclipse Luna)

Based on your eclipse choose above link and copy it for step2 below:

  1. Help>Install New Software
  2. paste the link into “Work with:” field, hit “Enter” then wait for eclipse to fetch completely.
  3. Install the following plugin:
    • Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools
    • Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools
    • Eclipse Web Developer Tools
    • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools
  4. After restart eclipse, you will have your Dynamic Web Project option in wizard.