Install Android Studio Tutorial

1. Why Android Studio ?

If you’re a new Android developer, you should consider starting with Android Studio, because the ADT plugin for Eclipse is no longer in active development.

2. Steps to install Android Studio

2.1 Install Java environment by following this post

2.2 Download Android Studio package here:


2.3 Unzip the file into a folder. In my computer, the folder is something like the following:


2.4 Set up the environment variable :

=> Add new environment name “JAVA_HOME” with the value : “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_20\

(Note: the value should be suitable to your machine)


2.5 Run Android Studio by following the below:

+ Open the bin folder (the folder bin in the step 2.3 above)

+ Double clicking into the icon :

AndroidStudioIconNow, it is ready for using. On the first time using, it will take sometime to set up. So please follow the instructions to make it right.

Happy Android Studio Installing 🙂


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