Android program for beginner 1

1. Which tools do you need to install programming environment ? 

– Download the ADT Bundle to quickly start developing apps:

ADT bundle2. Extract the package, then open SDK manager by double click into SDK Manager.exe

sdkmanager3. Install some following packages like the following: 

SDKInstall4. Open eclipse, Click AVD icon to display AVD Manager

AVD5. Click “Device Definitions” tab, select a suitable device then click “Create AVD” to create a virtual device. Click “Android Virtual Devices” to see the list of device.

ADVCreated6. Select a virtual device then click “Start“. Then wait for the simulator is created.

7.Now the environment is available. 

Example: HelloWord Application.

7.1 Go to File -> New -> Android Application Project


7.2 File name, settings like the following: 

Hello1Then click “Next” a few times to finish.

8. Run the application. 

Select  project then click “Run“. Here is the result:


Happy programming 🙂


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