Windows OS – Installing Android Debug Bridge

1. Install Cygwin


2. Install JDK


windows_versionAfter download, install JDK as usual.

3. Download SDK:

3.1 Extract this .zip file into a folder

3.2 Run the Android SDK manager by double click into the SDK Manager.exe icon


3.3 Install the package Android SDK Platform-tools


4. After that, add the path “{$parentDir}\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools” to environment variable “Path”.

4.1. Right click My Computer -> Properties-> Advanced-> Environment Variable




5. Install ADB Driver Installer to let PC recognize your device:

In some cases, your pc has installed this driver already. You don’t need to install it again 🙂

6. Now, you can use command line to execute the command “adb“.

6.1 Follow this post to enable USB debugging in your device.

6.2 Open command line view, then try to execute some command, such as “adb devices“, or “adb usb” (you can type “adb help” to show more detail about this command)


Happy Debugging 🙂


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